Mug. Texturized White Ceramic. Lunar Collection

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Mug. Texturized White Ceramic. Lunar Collection

The Lunar Collection Mug is an extraordinary piece of design. With an apparently smooth and quite geometry, it achieves the very special possibility of a different feeling on every position you hold it. It's intimate with the user, you’ll recognize your preferred position. Whether on one or both hands, its smooth-texture finish it’s a quite remarkable also for the touch.

It’s specially designed for drinking warm to tempered beverages, a chocolate, a cappuccino, green tea and low temperature infusions

12 oz

L: 95 mm; D: 95 mm, H: 75 mm

High Ceramics (Stoneware)

Texturized Cream White matte

Microwave and dishwasher safe. Lead free.

Design by mutarQ

Made in Mexico City