Cups. Set of 4. Earthen Grey Ceramics. Bow Collection

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Cups. Set of 4. Earthen Grey Ceramics. Bow Collection

“We shall think of table objects as landscape elements. The table, indeed, is a system where many objects dwell… with a gesture that resembles a bow, and a smile… the desired gentleness and friendliness at the table”

The perfect match between an espresso coffee cup and a sake shot. Each cup is 2.5 ounces. It's thickness is a remarkable achievement that provides an almost amazing lightness to each piece, that neverhtless keep its strenght.

Made out of high fire ceramics because of its suitability, resistance and safeness, Bow is a collection for serious drinkers. Made with love by expert artisans in Mexico City, it comes in a high fire glazing finish that makes every piece unique, in many shades of exquisite gray and variable glossiness.

2.5 oz

L: 69 mm; D: 69 mm, H: 52 mm
(Package dimensions 150mm X 150mm x 65mm)

High Ceramics (Stoneware)

Texturized Cream White matte

Microwave and dishwasher safe. Lead free.

Design by mutarQ

Made in Mexico City